Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Off the editor's Desk

Ever since i read that mail on the first online edition of Paashaanam I had wanted to make a real contribution. And i told myself the first post will be something straight from my heart. And i lay in bed brain cells firing left right and center..shall i write about...mmm..

  • the computer in room number 214....nahh....not suitable for family audiences who will read this blog..
  • the exploits of one mister GSP...naahhh...not at all suitable
  • ........nah.....nah...and a lot more NAHs later...

I was about to give up when the image of the first issue of Paashaanam which went out among the back benches on a boring afternoon came alive ...a white page torn out of a heading embossed by Sreejith and TP ... provocative slander brought to life by Choppi and Joju....mmmmm....Nostalgia :-)

It was the first election (involving campus politics!!!!) in MEC and everyone was excited...the SFI on the one side..the KSU which was non existent...the "students against campus politics" on the third...the MES-ians on the fourth...and the innocent guys from the MH caught in the middle....Caught between a rock and 4 hard places, guys who never wanted the limelight were forced to use the freedom of expression and free press granted in the Indian constituion and thus was born Paashaanam...with a hard hitting cover story on the "Lady tigers" who were out to maul the SFI...Paashaanam edition 1 was a roaring hit....and then it all came back to me....

Paashanam was never intended as a hard hitting mouthpiece of journalistic principles...It was more to be in the yellow colours of Manorama/Mathrubhumi..promoting hearsay and with the aim of attaining the Perfect yellow...thus replacing "Crime" once and for all from the Mallu mindset...And thus with the road ahead now lighting up ahead of me...i embark on this adventure at great personal risk...

I am humbled by the power that has been vested in me and it shall be my honest endeavour to hold close to my heart whatever this online edition stands for...But journalism sometimes has its price to pay and given the inherent risks involved as evident from the frequent beatings that my friends at Crime suffer...i will be writing under a pseudonym...
and to know what that is tune in to this blog and read "Cotton ball and Match stick" that follows this soon...

Genral guidance - Due to the technical limitations within the English language, we will some times be forced to use "Manglish". When the Intended recipient is percieved to be a really serious threats, the actual identity may not be disclosed. Please feel free to discuss on the comments section with fellow readers and the author to arrive at a conclusion

By Special Correspondent


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